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As the dependency on tech has increased, so has the number of devices that the average person has in their arsenal. Instead of just a cell phone and a computer, the list may now include a smartphone, tablet, personal computer, work computer… you get the idea. While it can be overwhelming at first to keep track of all your personal data on so many different screens, it’s actually pretty easy to link them all, ensuring that you have everything you need wherever you are, regardless if you’re #TeamApple, #TeamAndroid, or a PC. Here’s a rundown on how you can tame your life with each.

Use Your Platform IDs

You can use your Apple ID, Gmail username, or your Microsoft account to link all your stuff together. Using your log-in information, you can set up your tablet, computer and smartphone to seamlessly share content. This gives you your calendar, contacts, downloads and messages on all of your devices so that any upcoming life events and deadlines will follow you everywhere you go, like a lost puppy or student-loan debt… oh look, you just got a payment reminder on your phone and your tablet. You are so welcome.

Do Not Fear The Cloud

Another key factor in keeping all your information linked on your devices is utilizing your available Cloud services. According to Forbes, one in five Americans works from home, and those numbers only continue to rise as people realize that pajamas are dope and couches are comfortable (that’s just science). With so many people leaving the more traditional workplace, it’s essential that they have access to their files on the go. By taking advantage of the Cloud services provided by Apple or Microsoft, or with an independent company like Dropbox, anyone can back up their files and have access to them from all their devices. If you save a document from your computer to the Cloud, you can retrieve it at will from a portable device, like a tablet or a smartphone. Whether your meeting is in a conference room or a coffee shop, that will be a huge help.

Your Screen Real Estate

Let’s talk about how you can take control and multitask when you’re sitting in front of one screen, specifically those of you who are using Windows: It’s called “Snap,” and it allows you to minimize and work off two windows on your homepage at a time, essentially mimicking those who use multiple screens sans the commitment of that much physical desktop space. According to CNET, the Snap features in Windows 10 will allow for even more windows at one time.

Time Saving Apps

I’d also recommend a trip through the available apps that your browser offers as there are usually a few time-savers that can be found on there, and that’s what this is all about… adding efficiency to your life through multitasking so that you have more time to do dance parties and other fun stuff.

(Via Forbes and CNET)

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