LinkedIn Shockingly Not A Fan Of Bang With Professionals

Is there a social network less sexy than LinkedIn? LinkedIn is kind of the professional version of everyone’s Facebook, except somehow more staid and boring since everybody actually active on the site is desperately looking for a job.

The site Bang With Professionals was hoping to team you with coworkers that were DTF. One guess how that one turned out.

The landing page really says it all:

We all had a good laugh! We all knew it was only a matter of time before our API key was revoked.
Well, it just was!

Don’t worry, your data was safe all along. We just deleted all of the user ids and the only thing that will be left is this landing page.

Amusingly, the two guys who put this together as an ostensible joke probably won’t have any trouble finding work. The site had over 70,000 unique visitors in its brief life, which isn’t bad for a site slammed together for $57.

Also, unlike Bang With Friends, we don’t have to pretend that we didn’t use this and came up with a depressing zero of people who actually wanted to pull the trigger.