A Mad Internet Genius Made A Website That Automatically Puts Nicolas Cage’s Face On Instagram Selfies

Shut down the Internet. A mad genius by the name of Josh McMillan has won. Combining the web’s favorite person to mock with Oxford’s word of the year, Josh created the most Internet-baiting destination imaginable: FEELING CAGEY?, a website that automatically plants Nicolas Cage’s face on selfies as they’re uploaded to Instagram, then spits out a delightful stream of creepiness.

It’s like the movie FACE/OFF, except John Travolta’s role is played by all the world’s narcissists.

Below is a selection of the application’s greatest triumphs (and most baffling creations). But you really should visit FEELING CAGEY? to watch the Cage’d selfies stream in real time. It is mesmerizing.

All images via FEELING CAGEY?, by way of Instagram. H/T Reddit