A Man Is Suing Disney Because They Won’t Let Him Build A Functioning X-Wing For Profit

Everyone loves a good underdog story. Rocky, Jamaican bobsledders, American hockey teams – they never start out as champions, but we love pulling for them to the bitter end. And then there’s Joseph Alfred, who’s suing Disney because the entertainment company refuses to allow him to design and build a working X-Wing with their blessing.

According to Above The Law:

Alfred’s beef is with the media giant’s unwillingness to grant him a license to build a real-life X-Wing fighter and thereby make hundreds of millions and solve the world’s transportation problems.

As the writer subsequently notes, “Yeah, that’s actually the complaint.” The carefully-trained audience member in me loves this brewing story of rebellion, of Alfred’s fight against corporate tyranny at its worst.

But Alfred seems like an idiot. He deserves the coming knockout punch, the overturned bobsled, and the hockey puck to the face that his “intellectual property quagmire” definitely is. Plus, his argument that only three stories have ever properly treated global genocide (Noah and the flood, J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens) is just plain weird.

Source: Above The Law