Mark Zuckerberg Is An Exceptionally Bad Tipper, Say Restaurant Employees

You’d think that a newly minted multi-billionaire celebrating his honeymoon with his bride in Italy wouldn’t be shy about letting some of his wealth “trickle down” to the little people like the waiters and waitresses who served him when he visited some of Rome’s fine dining establishments. You’d think. But that is sadly not the case with The Zuck, who’s apparently been going around stiffing servers all over Europe.

Reports the Telegraph:

Waiters at Nonna Betta, which specialises in Roman Jewish cuisine, were amazed by Mr Zuckerberg’s parsimony, not just because of his huge wealth but because of Americans’ reputation for tipping generously, as is expected of them at home.

It was not a case of not enjoying the meal, said the owner of the restaurant.

“I asked him ‘how was it?’ and he said ‘very good'”, the owner, identified only as Umberto, told Corriere della Sera newspaper. “I had gone up to him and said ‘Are you …?’ and he said ‘Yes’.”

It was not the first time that the multi-billionaire chose not to tip – he reportedly did the same thing the night before at Pierluigi, a historic trattoria near Campo de’ Fiori, a piazza in the heart of Rome.

Look, I know that in America you’re expected to fork over much more in tips than in Europe, this being because labor laws here are more lax when it comes to wages paid to servers — in Europe servers are much more well paid by the restaurants they work on, so tipping is less important. But you should never, EVER leave nothing, especially when you’re Mark Freakin’ Zuckerberg!

On the bright side, at least he didn’t give Facebook stock to his servers — then he would have just been f*cking with them.

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