Meme Watch: Pop Culture Is Horrified By That Internet Explorer Icon On Your Desktop

I’m convinced that the only thing worse than having Internet Explorer on your desktop is actually having to use Internet Explorer, which I unfortunately was forced to do when I popped into a Kinkos recently to print something at one of their computer terminals. I thought I might die. I wanted to die. It was awful. Somehow I survived using the browser of choice for dullards.

With that said, some people have found a cool new use for having an Internet Explorer icon on their desktops: saving images from pop culture as their wallpaper and positioning the IE icons in just the right place so that it appears as though the character in the image is horrified to see it there. It’s pretty great. I kinda want to download IE to my Mac just so I can make one myself. No, actually, forget I ever said that.

Anyway, via Imgur, here are a few that me LOL when I saw them. Enjoy.