Michael C. Hall Played FMK With ‘Dexter’ Characters In His Reddit AMA

This is the moment I forgave Michael C. Hall for the final season(s) of Dexter.

You’re OK, Mr. Hall. Actually, I’ve liked him since his Six Feet Under days, and while I’m happy that he made millions of dollars from Dexter, I’m equally sad that it had to come to this. He was a jolly good sport about the finale and, well, everything else during his Reddit AMA (he was promoting Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway) earlier today.

What’s the worst thing a fan have ever sent you/said to you?


“The finale sucked!”

I’ve heard you like metal music, what’s your favorite band?

Well, lately, especially while I’m getting ready for the show, I listen to a lot of Kyuss, and Sloburn.

Hey Michael! Just wondering, who’s the one character you really REALLY hate from the show? Is it Laguerta? Its Laguerta isnt it?




It’s Louis.


What do you think Dexter is up to right now?


That’s a good question.

When we left him, he was… staring at the wall in a prison of his own making, and I think his self-imposed exile from the world continues. Though I imagine he’s got a pretty serious itch he’s aching to scratch.

Do you think Dexter died in the hurricane?

I’m reluctant to answer that definitively, because… I don’t think your interpretation is necessarily invalid. It’s subjective. Though I don’t think the writers imagined that Dexter was dead, to be honest.

How did they shoot the scene with Harrison in the pool of Rita’s blood? I assume they didn’t have the kid sitting in a pool of red liquid, any TV magic used?

Well, it wasn’t real blood. The red liquid WAS real. The baby’s mother was right beside the camera. And we did our best to make it feel like playtime.

F*ck, Marry, Kill – Lyla, Lumen, Hannah?

It’s tough, because I f*cked all three and killed one of them.

That being said… pondering… Fukc Lumen, Kill Lyla, Marry Hannah.

Though I’d really like to do all 3 to all 3.

No one asked him about the treadmill scene. Missed opportunity, Reddit.

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