Microsoft Is Finally Bringing Back The Start Menu To Windows 8.1

A year or two ago, I bought a new laptop with the brand new Windows 8. I figured since it had the new block features, which is set up like a tablet, meant that my new computer would have a touch screen. I mistook one lesser laptop for another when I bought it, so when I finally got my laptop and started touching the screen, nothing happened, and I realized how stupid I was.

Window 8 had a tablet OS, and it just made things awkward to use, even after the update where Microsoft merely returned the start menu button that went to the blocks, instead of to the start menu. THANKFULLY, Microsoft is returning us the start menu we’ve wanted since Windows 8 was released. Via Lifehacker:

Microsoft says they’ll be bringing back the Start menu in a future update. It looks similar to the old one, but with a small tiled interface tacked on the side, which is actually pretty cool. Microsoft will also let tiled “Modern” apps run in a window on the desktop

This is all a welcome thing to hear. What are the full updates? You can’t just expect us to be satisfied with only the start menu returning. There are a lot of things to gripe over with Windows 8.1. Tell me the full updates that should matter. Again via Lifehacker:

Windows 8 will now automatically boot to the desktop instead of the Start screen on new PCs.

You can make the taskbar visible on the Start screen and tiled apps, making it easy to switch between desktop and Modern apps using the Taskbar—just like you would on the desktop.

The Start screen now contains a power button for easier shutdown (thank God), a search button, and a tile that takes you right to Settings.

Start screen tiles are now easier to select, move around, and resize using the mouse.

I like the feature of booting right to the desktop, but I also don’t mind having to type in my password every time for security reasons. I remember having this girl I dated open up my laptop and ask, “Why do you have this screen asking for your password every time I open up your computer?” And I replied, “For moments like this.”

The update will be rolled out on April 8th, so you will soon have your precious start menu back into the bottom left corner of your life.

(Via Lifehacker)