A Mom Invented A Genius ‘Ignore No More’ App To Force Her Kids To Call Her

I ignore about 60% of my parents’ calls because 100% of the time they’re phoning me to talk about nothing of importance. “Did you see last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars?” or “How do I click and drag again?” they’d call and ask me late on a Friday night or at the crack of dawn on Sunday. UGH.

I guess parents hate that we do that. One mom in particular, a Houston resident named Sharon Standifird, got so fed up with her unresponsive kids that she went ahead and literally developed a solution: a phone app called “Ignore No More.”

The app allows parents to remotely lock their kids’ phones. “It takes away texting, it takes away gaming, it takes away calling their friends,” she proudly told CBS. The only way one can resume normal cellphone activity? Yep, you guessed it — you have to call mom and ask for the unlock password.

Below, watch a short news report on “Ignore No More” and then give your mom a ring. SHE CALLS BECAUSE SHE CARES.

Via Buzzfeed