Netflix Finally Rolls Out Multi-User Accounts

Anybody who lives with a roommate, spouse, children, or any combination of the two knows the feeling of being Netflix-bombed. You come home after a weekend away, look at your recommendations, and wonder why it’s entirely anime and workout tapes. That’s because there’s no “profile” on Netflix… well, until now.

It’s pretty straightforward: You create a profile, and just watch Netflix under that profile. It can be linked to your Facebook, and everything from the queue to Recently Watched to recommendations is kept separate and tied to that profile. Here’s a demonstration, set to royalty-free early 2000s techno for some reason:

Netflix, you need to have used the Shakespeare guy for this video. We’re just saying. As for setting these profiles up:

We’ve made it easy to add additional profiles, all you have to do is provide a name. Over the next few days, profiles will roll out on most Netflix devices, including the website, iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Apple TV, and newer Smart TV’s and Blu-Ray players. We’ll be adding additional devices like the Nintendo Wii and Android soon. For now, you can add more profiles on the website and the PS3, but you can select a profile on any of the devices listed above.

For myself, I’m just glad that we can keep my taste in art movies and superhero cartoons separate from my fiancee’s taste for late ’90s WB dramas and reality shows. Although the cooking shows and Powerpuff Girls are probably going on both queues.