Here’s How Netflix Socks Pause Your Binging When You Fall Asleep

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We’ve all fallen asleep during a show binge because Netflix makes it easy to just watch a show until you pass out. The problem is when you wake up five hours later to discover you’re on season six when you started with season one. So, the streaming service has engineered some socks that will pause your show.

The principle behind these socks is pretty simple: You have an accelerometer connected to a simple brain called an Arduino Trinket. As you drift off to slumberland, the socks will detect your lack of movement and use an IR blaster to pause your show.

Needless to say, Netflix has a few patterns for socks you might consider, although some are more inspired than others. Come on, Netflix, all Jessica Jones gets is a camera? Why not an elaborate purple pattern at least? The good news is that if you’re more handy with soldering irons than knitting needles, you can just create the electronics and put them in any sock you own. Then, once you fall asleep, you can be confident that you won’t miss a thing.

And yes, if you were wondering, the code Netflix wrote can easily be tweaked so you don’t just pause because you’re sinking into the couch. So, really, now you’ve got no excuse not to watch this holiday season. Well, aside from those annoying family members showing up next Friday.

(via Netflix)

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