Vine’s Founder Is Working On A New Version Of Vine, ‘V2’

When Vine, the service that shared looping six-second clips of video, passed into the digital ether, many of us mourned. And then we moved on, while Vine’s big followings moved to other platforms. But it appears that Vine hasn’t been fully trimmed back yet, as the founder of the company admits he’s working on reviving it.

Dom Hofmann, currently the toast of Silicon Valley for the game show app HQ, took to the platform that bought him out, Twitter, to deliver the good news for fans of the service:

Hofmann followed it up today with the logo:

It’s undeniably interesting news, and some met with not a little excitement. Vine, during its brief life, showed that despite the seeming absurdity of the concept, there really was, in fact, an audience for what amounts to GIFs with audio. But it was mostly a question of making money with the idea, which is where the whole thing fell apart.