Ninja Tech: Behind The Scenes With emcRevolution

08.09.12 2 Comments

For some time now I’ve been casually fascinated by the advancements being made in amateur filmmaking by creative people who post their stuff online. I’m particularly intrigued by the things people are able to do now with special effects. If you haven’t noticed, some of the special effects found in YouTube videos these days are astounding considering that creating similar effects would cost buttloads of money to produce just a few short years ago. Now rapid advances in technology have made it possible for just about anyone with a vision to be able to see that vision come to fruition on their own, without access to a big studio’s money or equipment.

Take, for example, the team of martial artists, stuntmen and filmmakers who make up emcRevolution (see some of their recent work here and here). The short film projects these guys have posted to YouTube flat-out puts the special effects work found in some modern era studio films to shame. How do they do it? Well, with equipment and technology that’s pretty much available to anyone with a few bucks to spend! The video embedded above provides a quick look into their world. Enjoy!


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