NYPD To Have A Facebook/Twitter Unit

Senior Contributor

We all know that human insanity and outrageousness on Facebook is bottomless. In fact, it’s practically become a trope on “stupid criminal” websites to mention the crook who taunts the police over Facebook or posts images of the crime and gets busted, like this genius.

Apparently the NYPD is taking notes, because they’ve just announced a new unit that will “patrol” Facebook and Twitter, looking for statements like “I’m going to go rob this guy,” or maybe just find people like Ron and laugh at them.

Newly named Assistant Commissioner Kevin O’Connor, one of the department’s online and gang gurus, has been put in charge of the new juvenile justice unit. He and his staff will mine social media, looking for info about troublesome house parties, gang showdowns and other potential mayhem, sources said.

We’re also guessing this is a unit you assign the guys you don’t like, or maybe the guys on the verge of failing the physical exam so you can get them out the door?

We’re looking forward to the productivity reports. Will they use their personal accounts, or will they be aliases like “John NOTACOP Doe?”

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