Oculus Has No Plans To Block X-Rated Content From Their Virtual-Reality Headsets

After years of hype and waiting, the VR platform known as the Oculus Rift will finally be available to purchase next year. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey appeared at the first Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference on Monday, and Variety reports the company will not be blocking adult content on its VR headset.

“The rift is an open platform. We don’t control what software can run on it,” adding: “And that’s a big deal.”

Luckey’s comments definitely proved to be controversial, as others on the panel skirted the issue of VR porn altogether. That being said, at least the Facebook-owned company is embracing the open-source mentality of the future-minded pervert. Just be sure your significant other doesn’t catch you while your “jacking on.”

(Via Variety)