DirecTV Owner Doesn't See Any Consumer Demand For Ad-Skipping

06.12.12 7 years ago 2 Comments

Dish Network and pretty much every broadcast channel that it carries are busy suing the ever-loving hell out of each other over Dish’s ad-skipping technology. Not unreasonably, the networks are terrified that if they can no longer guarantee audiences will actually watch ads, then the advertising revenue will dry up and they’ll become even more irrelevant and unprofitable than they already are.

DirecTV, meanwhile, just admitted that it’s owned similar technology for years and has been sitting on it because their customers just good golly gumdrops love them some advertising, or at least never complain about it.

“We haven’t chosen to use it,” [CEO Mike] White said at the Reuters Global Media and Technology Summit in New York. “It’s not clear to me there’s a raging demand from consumers for it.”

We’re guessing Mike White has never waited for a commercial break to take a dump in his entire life.

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