Watch Some Penguins Chill With An iPad

If you own an iPad and live with a cat, you’re probably familiar with how much cats love playing with iPads. But, apparently, this fascination with Apple products extends well beyond felines, if this collection of gamer penguins is any indication.

Cool Hunting stopped by the Aquarium of the Pacific and spoke to their aviculturalist, Sara Mandel. Mandel began using the iPad as an experiment when she was charged with the care of a group of Magellanic penguins. Unsurprisingly, living in a pool all day can get boring, so Mandel decided to try out the Game for Cats on her charges. And two loved it so much, they actually reproduced with each other.

This actually is a lot more than just a cute moment. If you watch the whole video, Mandel explains that it can be difficult to get the birds to hold still long enough to ensure they’re in good health, so while they’re noodling around with the game, she can look them over and give them a clean bill of health. It also gives them a little mental stimulation, which isn’t a bad thing, and is almost absurdly cute. Can we give them a Wii U next?