‘Digital Performance Artist’ Will Attempt To Drive Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Insane With Email Spam

Tech CEOs want you to share. They want you to share your feelings. They want you to share your photographs. They want you to share your location. With their companies, not them. Ever notice that?

Johannes Osterhoff has decided instead to share something with Jeff Bezos. Namely, his reading habits. By email. Directly.

Osterhoff claims he’s a performance artistsand that this is a “digital performance art piece.” Personally, we think he’s something even better: an industrial-grade smart-ass up to a clever prank, but here’s what his piece does, regardless

Each time I set a bookmark on my Kindle it shall write an automated email about my recent reading to Jeff Bezos and the ones interested.

This is not the first time Osterhoff has chosen to be hilariously weird and annoying towards tech companies. Among his stunts are turning icons into real world objects and artistic analysis of crappily designed icons.

We’re not entirely sure if he’s just incredibly pretentious and completely unaware of how ridiculous he is, or just possessed of a profoundly dry and extremely snarky sense of humor. It might well be both. Either way, watching pound the CEO’s inbox with spam is nothing short of hilarious. This is exactly the information Amazon collects, after all. Osterhoff is just being more direct about it.

Here’s our question: When he inevitably releases the source code, will Amazon just quietly shut down his inbox, or will he just get a better spam filter?