Pizza Hut’s New Menu Can Read Your Eyes To Predict What Toppings You’ll Choose When Ordering

11.30.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Like a fat kid doing a cannonball into a pool, technology is launching itself into the once calm world of fast food. It’s shaking things up with apps that let you tell your video game console to get you a pizza and others that cut out a step in the pursuit of putting a taco in your face.

Now, according to Engadget, Pizza Hut wants to read your eyes with the power of Tobii eye-tracking technology to tell you what you want to order.

As you can see in the video above, this is going to be a real help to people who go into a Pizza Hut completely unaware of what they want (and people who want to surprise themselves with their hidden desire to try anchovies). Though, in my experience, people who go into Pizza Hut usually know exactly what they want to order and I would imagine that the bulk of them have a standing order and a strong rapport with the staff.

Speaking of the staff, the waiter in the video, who is also named Tobii, tells the speechless and easily astonished pizza patrons that the menu technology is “like magic, only without the weirdness,” and I just want to know what’s up with that? There’s room enough in the world for magic and science, Tobii.

The Tobii system is in the process of being tested right now, so it may never reach a Pizza Hut or play its part in the rise of the machines. If it does reach the market, though, I sure as hell hope that the 80s sci-fi robot “bee-boop” noises remains, because that’s the best part.

(Source: YouTube via Engadget)

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