A Startup Wants To Be The Uber Of Poop Scooping


There are many facets to owning a dog, including cleaning up after them. Or, at least, it should be. As any dog owner knows, not everybody is fastidious about picking up what their dog leaves behind. And for people who can’t be bothered to get a bag or bend down, or even at least kick it into the gutter, there is now Pooper, a would-be Uber for pooper scooping.

The app is simple; you walk your dog, he does his business on the lawn of that jerk who blasts EDM at all hours of the night, and you use the app to put down a pin and walk away. One of Pooper’s employees promptly shows up with a bag and gets it disposed of. It sounds like a joke, complete with a url that says “Poop with us.” But if it is, it’s a quite elaborate one, with a detailed website, subscription links, a media assets package, a Twitter account, YouTube video. There’s even a section extolling the virtue of their poop-collecting bags (which honestly sound pretty good).

For $15 a month, you get “Pooper Basic,” which gets you two poops scooped a day within a fifteen mile radius. For Pooper Elite, which is $35, you’ll get unlimited scoopage anywhere you want! Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that 300 or so of the really nice dog waste bags will cost you a few bucks less than one month of Pooper…so maybe that’s what they’re really trying to sell. Also it’s not terribly clear just how Pooper holds its employees accountable for their waste detail, perhaps you’ll have to go back to EDM guy’s house to have him review the service?

(via Pooper)