Simone Giertz And Adam Savage Made The Popcorn Machine Helmet We Didn’t Know We Needed

We’ve highlighted the questionable robotic inventions of Swedish tinkerer Simone Giertz here at Uproxx before, like when she invented an alarm clock which would slap people awake and a robot that slapdashedly approximates the act of feeding a human breakfast cereal.

And now, Giertz has joined Tested with Adam Savage. For their first collaboration, Giertz wanted to build a machine reminiscent of the beer helmets she probably imagines all Americans wear. (If there are any Swedes reading this, just know that only half of the Uproxx office is rocking beer helmets right now, okay? Geez.)

Simone Giertz — whose last name is pronounced Yetch, which she says “doesn’t make any sense in Swedish, either” — and Adam Savage set to work building the silly machine you see above, which expands on the beer helmet idea by making it a popcorn shoveling conveyance instead.

Finally, you can use both hands to text in a movie theater while also noisily and effortlessly filling your yob with golden kernels. There had to be an easier way, and they found it.

Here’s the full episode of Tested if you want to see how to make one of these for yourself (not recommended).

(Via MAKE)