This Prank TED Talk Is The King Of All The TED Talks

10.11.13 10 Comments

I think comedian Sam Hyde is worthy of hero status for bullsh*tting his way onto the stage during a TEDx program at Drexel University and giving a 20 minute speech filled with incomprehensible technology jibberish about the “2070 paradigm shift” — all while wearing gold armor. Yeah, he actually pulled that off.

“Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes,” Hyde said in his speech. “9/11, September 11th. We’re gonna use some reverence here and not be silly about this, but look at what they accomplished with no weapons and just 11 guys who didn’t even speak English? And that proves that sometimes great ideas are actually horrible ideas.”

How did this come to be? Hyde gave his story to Philadelphia magazine.

“I told them I had just returned from Mogadishu where I was shooting war journalism following this group of women cleaning up the neighborhood, and by picking up trash, they had lowered crime rate. So it’s like broken window theory there, or whatever the fuck. A little Malcolm Gladwell. [They] wrote back and said, ‘Wow, that’s exciting. We got some real hard hitting stuff here.’”

Well done, Mr. Hyde. Well done.

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