This Guy Uses Science To Make Himself A ‘Worthy’ Real-Life Mjolnir From ‘Thor’

This guy managed to create his own version of Thor’s famous hammer, Mjolnir, all the way down to the trouble people have lifting the thing. It seems he’s ensured that he’s the only one worthy enough to hoist the famous hammer to the sky through the power of magnets. If you were confused about how they work, don’t worry, the video shows you. No need to record an odd song with a wonderfully bizarre music video. He also uses a fingerprint scanner to ensure that the magnets stop working when he grabs hold.

Many people try to lift the hammer, but just can’t figure out why they can’t make the thing budge. One crafty fellow thinks the power of LeBron James can help him overcome the ruse, but he can’t make it happen. Then he saves face by pointing out that there is a thumb scanner on there and he knew it was all fake.

It’s lucky, too. Just imagine if this were the real hammer of Thor and someone managed to lift it. We’d all be talking about it and Donald Trump would likely be trying to get a photo op with him. Then he’d launch into an attack on the nation, taking it over and killing millions. All because real life Thor is likely a dick.

(Via Sufficiently Advanced)