DUST IN THE ROOM ALERT: Watch This Abandoned Dog Found On Google Streetview Get Rescued

Not since we met this bionic dog and watched a bunch of dogs experience sunlight and grass for the first time have we been this touched by the story of a rescue dog. Jennifer Velasquez spotted an abandoned dog while driving in Los Angeles. She later located the dog on Google Streetview, hanging around the same abandoned building. She contacted Eldad Hagar at the Hope For Paws Animal Rescue for help.

A local business owner told Hagar the dog has been hanging around for as many as ten years. (We kind of want to punch that business owner for not calling anyone or doing anything for that long. This isn’t a Jurassic Bark re-enactment, you douche.) Hagar, who has named the dog Sonya, rescued the dog, as seen in the video below. She received treatment for tumors, arthritis, and bone spurs, and is now seeking a permanent home.

Check out the heartwarming rescue dog video below. We were getting cynical and bracing to see this guy get bit when he put his hand near Sonya’s face. Then she smiled and all our cynicism melted away. Our cold, jaded blogger hearts grew three sizes this day.


Dogs are awesome. Humans, you could be doing better.

(Image credit: YouTube/Eldad Hagar)