Riding A Jet Luge At 300 MPH Will Surely End Well

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11.19.13 3 Comments

Street luge is a sport where you essentially lie down on a skateboard and roll down a hill very fast. As you might guess, that does not always end well. So, needless to say, one of the godfathers of the sport wants to strap two jet engines to one, rest his head between them and go at 300mph on it.

Somebody has already done this; Jason Bradbury went 115 mph with a jet luge back in 2011. But Daz “The Cowboy” Fellows wants to break the record because… well, it’s there.

To give you an idea of how dangerous this thing actually is, here’s the first test. Whether it’s to see whether the jets work or to deafen everybody in a 100-foot radius is unclear:

Apparently the record attempt will happen sometime in April. We hope it’s somewhere exceptionally flat and without obstacles.

(Image courtesy of Jim Purbrick on Flickr)

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