Roberta Mancino Breathes Life Into Fashion By Jumping Off Cliffs Wearing A GoPro Camera

Let’s see here: Expensive clothes? Check. Irritating dance music? Check. A theme of dressing up in expensive clothes and then jumping off a cliff? OK, Italy. You have our attention.

OK, so this is actually an ad for GoPro. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a freaking great one:

Roberta Mancino is a name you might remember, seeing as she’s both a fashion model and an experienced BASE jumper. She’s also prone to attention-getting stunts like this: See, for example, the fact that she’s done a few jumps partially or fully nude, and no we’re not linking those, you have Google.

Oh, and she’s also survived her parachute failing to open. Five times. Yes, she is more badass than you.

But mostly, it’s just the image of high fashion models jumping off a cliff that’s intensely amusing, and this actually uses the GoPro to clever effect. Now, the next time there’s a fashion event, can this be standard? Or incorporate more extreme sports? Let’s see models buzz runways in wingsuits.