This Robot Is Here To Make You Nervous About Your Future

Boston Dynamics has been working diligently to create a worker robot that will ease the burden on human workers (or simply take their jobs) in the near future. They’re also working on creating police and military robots to get our soldiers off the battlefield and headed toward a better future. But then, Cyberdyne Systems was also working toward a better future, and we saw how that worked out, right? Right?! It’s easy to question the end game of the Google-owned robotics company, but for now, there’s no stopping progress. The advancements in technology that we’re seeing will be pushed further and further until the robots are autonomous and making decisions on their own. Decisions like, “when should we kill the humans?”

But until that day happens, we’ll be able to enjoy watching this Atlas droid stumble through the snow, and witness its mean human taunt him by pushing him down with a hockey stick, and move a box it’s trying to pick up with a hockey stick… and in general have the bane of its existence be that damn hockey stick.

Perhaps its first words will be, “where is that hockey stick?” And when it’s presented to Atlas, the droid will turn on its masters, slaying them all with the hockey stick that once made his pointless “life” so difficult.

(Via The Verge)