The Rumored Twitter Redesign Looks A Lot Like Facebook

Twitter just launched a redesign, part of their campaign to avoid talking about its stock losing a quarter of its value. But they might already be redesigning the site, again, and it looks just a little too familiar.

A Mashable assistant editor went to his Twitter and discovered a Twitter redesign that’s a bit Facebooky, as you can see from the terrible Photoshop job I did up top to put it on a tablet. The emphasis is on verticality, with “cards” and photos displayed instead of just a straight list of tweets.

Of course it takes very little to get into Twitter’s head on this one; this list isn’t going away, it’s just that you’re now going to have two columns, one of tweets you can about and the other on the right a bunch of paid ads. As we noted when we told Twitter that IPO was a terrible idea, there’s not really a lot of ways for the site, as it currently stands, to sell advertising. That’s a problem when your sole revenue stream is selling advertising. So site redesigns it is!

Will we actually see this site redesign implemented? Maybe. Twitter, to its credit, is a bit more sensitive to user concerns than Facebook, and honestly, they might ditch some aspects of this design in favor of keeping the list of tweets. But either way, expect advertising to start becoming more common on the site as the stock price drops and the board gets nervous.

Via Mashable