This Russian Man Has Draft Beer Flowing Through His Faucet, Directly From The Brewery

So you want draft beer in your home for next year’s National Beer Day but a kegerator is a little too pedestrian for you? No worries, just install a beer tap directly in your sink! Andrey Yeremeev from Chelyabinsk, Russia, rigged up a special faucet in his apartment. One tap has water and the other has liquid courage. So how did he do it? There must be a keg underneath the sink right? No, not quite. This dude literally lives above a brewery so he managed to acquire the beer directly from the source using a bit of engineering know-how and a 10-meter pipe running from a special keg at the brewery directly into his faucet.

Friends and family would always joke about the fact that he lives above the brewery and that they should just pipe beer directly to him. Well, his dream became a reality. Yaremeev wrote a letter to the brewery’s CEO about his little pipe dream and they approved of the project and helped him with the system design. Yaremeev’s housing committee also approved of this first-of-its-kind project.

Yaremeev did not disclose the cost of the system, but he said it is worth it and that he’s “living out his dream.”

(Via Vine Pair)