Win Love By Daylight With This Official Sailor Moon Cell Phone

Remember when the fashion app Meitu briefly took over the world before it was revealed it was secretly harvesting user information like a kawaii version of a cyberpunk dystopia? (Someone please create a kawaii cyberpunk dystopia anime.) If you missed the flash-in-the-pan phenomenon, Meitu was a beauty app that used anime filters to turn everyone into the terrifying, beautiful chibi version of themselves. Now it looks like the company behind Meitu is using all that personal information that gathered to give the people what they really want: Sailor Moon cell phones!

Kotaku reports the phone, which will only be available in China as punishment for the West deleting their Meitu app en masse for the M8 phone. The Android device will come in pastel pink, complete with Sailor Moon’s trademark bow, and be packaged with a bluetooth selfie stick designed like Serena/Usagi’s magic wand. Only 10,000 units were created and it will sell for about 48,500 yen or approximately $430 USD. No word yet whether or not Queen Beryl installed malicious user information harvesting software to the device.

The announcement originally came from the Japanese website Fashion Snap with a link back to Meitu’s site for more information. While I couldn’t find anything specific on the Meitu site specifically about the limited edition Sailor Moon phone, there was a press release about the Meitu M8, which included a few more details. The Sailor Moon limited edition phone (along with a Hello Kitty version) will go on sale on the Meitu website at May 12th and will be available in stores in Hong Kong around mid-June. So if you simple must have one, keep an eye on Ebay around those dates!

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