Samsung Allegedly Knows Why The Galaxy Note 7 Exploded

The Samsung Note 7 was likely the biggest disaster in Samsung’s corporate history. The phones, which inexplicably began exploding soon after they came out, started a two month long mess with confusing recalls, claims that the problem had been fixed when it wasn’t, and full-page apologies in major newspapers. And then Cee-Lo’s phone blew up in his face. So it’s good news that Samsung has figured out what went wrong, supposedly. The bad news is, they’re not sharing.

Mashable reports that Samsung has wrapped an internal investigation into why they suddenly became a bomb purveyor, and the company claims it’s found the problem. Most likely it’s something to do with the engineering of the phone itself, as Bloomberg found while covering the mess back in September. The Note 7 was essentially too small for its battery, pinching the poles closer together and increasing the risk of extreme heat, fire, and explosion.

Of course, we have no idea of the true cause, as Samsung has no timeline for releasing its findings on the Note 7 to the public. Hopefully, that changes soon. The public has a right to know what happened, and the truth is, if Samsung, one of the best consumer products engineering companies in the world, can have a problem like this, then others can run into it as well. Samsung owes it to the all of us to lay out what went wrong, to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

(Via Mashable)

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