Samsung Is In On The Apple Jokes With These New ‘It Doesn’t Take A Genius’ Ads

Forget the fast food wars that the 90s action classic Demolition Man promised us. One day, I’m going to have to explain to my son that the reason we live in a tent in the wilderness of a world without electricity is that Apple and Samsung hated each other so much that their hilariously loyal customers eventually caused the technological Armageddon. On Tuesday, the Apple faithful celebrated the announcement of the company’s newest products – from the iPhone 6 to a smart watch, all wrapped up neatly with a free U2 album – and Samsung and its hardened web gang of consumers, as well as just about every other smart ass out there, couldn’t wait to strike.

The South Korean company led the charge, dusting off its 2012 “It Doesn’t Take a Genius” ad campaign with six new videos that were clearly ready to go before Apple even unleashed Scarf Guy on all of us. In them, two geeks who are obviously working at Apple’s Genius Bar poke fun at the perceived lack of creativity and unique ideas in Apple’s new products, including the fact that Samsung has already been there and done that with the smart watch.

Zing! Or something. All I know is that there’s no way that Apple’s loyal fans are going to take this lightly, so is there a ridiculous amount of poo-slinging happening in the YouTube comments? You bet! Here’s a hilariously depressing example:


And the shots keep firing away in the comments as more people watch all of these videos. Perhaps one day we’ll all remember a time when wearing your phone on your wrist was an idea that was meant for cartoon-y spy movies. Until then, start stocking up on canned goods for the eventual Great Tech War of 2015.

Is it just me or is there a lot of sexual tension between those two dudes? I hope they work things out.