Samsung To Block iPhone 5 Sales In South Korea?

Senior Contributor

In case you hadn’t heard, Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a bit of a pissing match over patents, and so far Samsung has been the one getting the most piss on its shoes. It’s not doing well in the EU courts, it’s having trouble debuting the Tab in Australia, and Apple just keeps filing lawsuits in other countries.

So Samsung, having already blatantly tried to get prototype Apple products just to annoy Cupertino, has introduced a court injunction insisting that Apple can’t bring the iPhone 5 to market in Korea because they, like, totally have the patents and stuff, so there.

Yes, we finally have a legal definition of “taking your ball and going home.” It’s nice to see multinational companies worth billions can be reduced to acting like fifth-graders at recess. Just nobody arm these people, OK?

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