‘Scuffgate’ Actually Manages To Make Apple Fanboys And Fangirls Seem Even More Insufferable, If You Can Believe That

Every time a new iPhone comes out, there’s some stupid little problem that has the fanbase sprinting for the torches and pitchforks. You might remember that the iPhone 4 had an antenna problem where how you held it created a connection between the device’s two antennas, causing the signal to drop.

It was a minor thing, easily fixed with a slight shift of the hand, but at the time, it was as if Apple had announced the iPhone would automatically connect you with a sex offender.

Well, the iPhone 5 is here and guess what? There’s a really stupid little problem that has the fanbase sprinting for the torches and pitchforks. Welcome to the first world problem that is “Scuffgate”.

Essentially, there’s something wrong with the case, in the most cosmetic way possible. The iPhone 5’s casing is made out of anodized aluminum, buuuuuut:

… it would seem that Apple either forgot to seal the anodized coating, or it simply didn’t make the anodized layer thick enough to prevent scratching.

Just to review: This does not affect the quality of the phone itself. It’s just that the phone is getting scuffed and scratched slightly earlier than it would due to normal use. And people are actually calling this “Scuffgate” as if it’s a serious problem.

The iPhone 5 isn’t perfect. The camera, for example, has a weird defect where very bright light takes on a purplish hue. The proprietary connector is a mess for various reasons. Most horrendously, it still supports Instagram.

But the frame flaking a little? Like most aluminium products? Really? Granted it’s a flaw but it’s a fairly minor one. And now people are angry over Apple’s response. Here, people angry over Scuffgate, let us help you put that response into its proper context.