Seth MacFarlane Wants To Ensure LeVar Burton’s ‘Reading Rainbow’ Dream Comes True

LeVar Burton’s amazing Reading Rainbow revival is still pushing forward with a new goal of $5 million to expand the new service to more schools in need at no cost. The race to that goal has not been as quick as the original, but it has found a little extra boost from Seth MacFarlane. From The Calgary Herald:

MacFarlane has promised to match up to $1 million in pledges made on the Kickstarter website so that an online version of “Reading Rainbow” can be made available without charge to an expanded number of underfunded classrooms, Burton said in a statement Thursday.

MacFarlane’s offer is in effect through 3 p.m. EDT on July 2, when the online fundraiser is to conclude.

Burton said he was left nearly speechless by the “extraordinary generosity” of his friend, the TV and movie writer-producer-actor whose credits include “Ted” and “Family Guy.” MacFarlane’s spokeswoman confirmed the offer.

MacFarlane jumped in after hearing that “Reading Rainbow” needed to raise at least $5 million, Burton said. The Kickstarter campaign’s initial goal was $1 million.

More than $4 million had been pledged by 83,000-plus contributors as of Thursday afternoon.

MacFarlane has proven his desire to help expand knowledge with the recent revival of Cosmos for Fox and Nat Geo, but this sort of pledge is unprecedented. It pays to have successful friends I guess, especially if you want to do some good in the world.

(Via The Calgary Herald)