So The Tweeting Bra Is A Thing That Exists

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10.24.13 2 Comments

Autotweeting is one of the single most annoying things an object can do. Nobody cares how thirsty your plant is. And yet, it continues; an ad agency has created the Tweeting Bra.

If you need a video in Greek to explain this concept, here you go. If you want to know what the people involved were thinking, that we also have:

The campaign features Greece’s popular and well known television personality/celebrity Maria Mpacodimou. For 15 days, Maria will wear the bra and each time she unhooks it, it will post a tweet to her hundred of thousands of fans/followers about breast self-exams.

Yes, because breast cancer awareness is precisely the message the kind of person who will actually be monitoring this feed will need to receive. It won’t be entirely creepy guys imagining her boobs out. It will be people greatly concerned with public health.

The concept is the kind of creepy invasiveness that’s getting just a little too common in ad campaigns. Jay-Z’s album launch came with a troublingly invasive app, for example, and increasingly you’ve got celebrities sexting via social media.

Furthermore, you’ve got to wonder how long it’ll be before this is an actual product sold in stores. Amazingly, it’s not available on Instructables, but we give that just a few days. We can’t wait until somebody decides it’s time to raise awareness for colon cancer. Bring on the tweeting toilet!

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