Sony’s ‘SmartWig’ Will Change Your Life While Making You Look Damn Good

Have you ever thought, “I need a wig that makes me look like a patchwork Justin Bieber, but also allows me to photograph my food without worry.” Well think no more because Sony has created a wig that will do the thinking for you with the “SmartWig.” From the NY Daily News:

“There is a wide variety of wearable computing devices, such as computational glasses, clothes, shoes, and so on… However, most wearable devices have become neither common nor popular,” the developers said in an essay issued last year.

“We think one of the biggest reasons is the style… the focus has been function, not style,” said Hiroaki Tobita and Takuya Kuzi.

“The goal of SmartWig is to achieve both natural and practical wearable devices,” they said, adding the “natural appearance” of their invention — which can be made from human hair — could prove a selling point.

The wig will come in three varieties depending on the needs of the wearer.

The proof-of-concept invention comes in three varieties, each specially designed to make life that little bit easier for the follically challenged.

Wearers of the Presentation Wig will be able to remotely control a laser pointer from their mop-top. They can move forward through a PowerPoint slideshow by tugging the right sideburn and go back a page by pulling on the left.

The Navigation Wig uses GPS to speak to satellites and guide users to their destination with tiny vibrations on different parts of the head.

Meanwhile, the Sensing Wig monitors body temperature, blood pressure and brainwaves and can also record sounds and images to allow wearers to playback their day and see what set their systems aflutter. (via)

This is all good news for you media literate folks on the go, I can’t see many people getting pulled over for wearing their wig while driving.

Sadly it is only in the prototype/ working phase at the moment, but patents have been filed and the race to create wearable devices has started.

What do you think? Will this be as silly looking as Google Glass? Will it be more silly looking? Is it the edge balding individuals need to claim a spot in the tech race? Who knows, but wigs that monitor your life are certainly something.

(Lead image via gettyimages, AFP photo / Hirokai Tobita / Sony CSL)