Sony Shoehorned 185 Terabytes Of Data Into Something The Size Of A Cassette Tape

05.04.14 5 years ago 16 Comments

I know what you’re thinking, “What’s a cassette tape, Jeff?” Well, sit down and let me tell you a tale. A cassette tape was something us old timers used to listen to music on. Now let us never speak of this again. Getting to the point, Sony unveiled a storage device the size of a cassette tape that can hold all the porn ever made.

Sony has announced that it has developed a new magnetic tape material that demolishes the previous 29.5GB record, and can hold a whopping 148GB per square inch, making it the new record holder of storage density for the medium. If spooled into a cartridge, each tape could have a mind-boggling 185TB of storage. Again, to compare, that’s 3,700 dual-layer 50GB Blu-rays (a stack that would be 4.4 meters or 14.3 feet high, incidentally). In fact, one of these tapes would hold five more terabytes than a $9,305 hard drive storage array. (Via)

That’s insane. That can hold at least 25 mp3s of ‘Around The World’ by Daft Punk. The possibilities of this new tech are endless. I’m sure the NSA is foaming at the mouth. But the real story here is all the porn. I’m talking ALL THE PORN. We’re talking porn so old that the stars are dead, unrecognizable, or both. That, and your family photos. Whatever you’re into, man.

(Extreme Tech Via Gizmodo)

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