Attention Time Travelers, Stephen Hawking Is Still Having A Party In 2009 And You Are Still Invited

You might’ve heard that sex club enthusiast Professor Stephen Hawking had himself a time travelers party back in 2009. The problem was that no one showed up, spoiling the party and proving that time travelers are dicks.

Hawking hasn’t given up hope though. With the help of poster designer Peter Dean, Hawking is still promoting the party in the hopes that someone from the future will find his announcement and return to celebrate with him back in 2009. We’ll never know of course, but it was still better than Kirk Cameron’s birthday party.

“Maybe one day someone living in the future will find the information and use a wormhole time machine to come back to my party, proving that time travel will, one day, be possible.”

Londoner Peter, who met the A Brief History of Time author last week, said: “The whole experiment depends on future time travellers seeing this poster…”

“I saw an article a number of years ago where he explained how to build a time machine and since then I have always been interested in his work. It’s amazing that I actually got to meet him.”

Peter has made 100 copies of the limited edition posters, with each coming with a signed certificate of authenticity by Prof Hawking and details about the experiment. (via)

And of course you can buy your own print for the cool price of £140.00 GBP, which is about $230 American or R4,000,000 in future money.

Of course this all depends on what theory of time travel you adhere to, the reality version, the Star Trek version or the Back to The Future Version. There’s also Terminator rules, which would throw a wrench into the plans of Hawking. Murderous robots hate partying.

(Lead image via YouTube, other via Kite Print)