Exceedingly Stupid FAA Regulations Involving Electronics May Finally Be Revisited

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As we all know, with the possible exception of Alec Baldwin, you’re not supposed to use electronic devices on a plane during taxiing, landing, or takeoff. This is because the FAA doesn’t make rules based on science.

No, seriously. If the rule were simply “cell phones give off interference,” that at least is something that broadcasts signals. But ereaders? Laptops? Portable game consoles? Not so much, and yet we’re expected to shut them off. Worse, the ones based on cell phones have all the scientific validity of a high school science fair, which can’t even be repeated in ground tests.

Realistically, the FAA has known for years the science is shoddy, but they don’t the words “potential risk of navigation system interference” lightly, and they’ve had bigger security concerns. Still, it’ll be nice to see a stupid rule turned into one based on actual, you know, scientific evidence.

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