We Rank The Best Five Apps For Super Bowl Smorgasbords

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01.29.18 4 Comments


The Super Bowl is approaching, and while Pats fans and Eagles fans argue, and the rest of America makes Deflategate and battery-throwing jokes, Super Bowl party prep is in full swing with chicken wings and bean dip in abundance.

If you’re hosting the meal for this week’s big game and want to cook it yourself, there are a string of useful apps that’ll ensure you put out a perfect spread.

5) Nose To Tail

The Super Bowl, for many, means meat. But most of us still think pork butt comes from the pig’s rear end. Nose To Tail is an app that shows you all the many, many different cuts of meat and what they’re best for when you cook.

So whether you’re firing up the grill or slow-roasting some choice cuts in the oven, you’ll know what to get.

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