Team Lady Gaga Creates Social Network For Famous People

06.07.11 8 years ago

Have you found yourself thinking lately, “Gee, I’m kinda popular online…I wish there was some way I could integrate all of my social media accounts into one platform.” Well it appears as though Lady Gaga and her management team have been pondering the same thing, so they, led by business manager Troy Carter, just went ahead and developed one called Backplane.

Reports the New York Times:

Despite Lady Gaga’s demanding world tour schedule that fall, Mr. Carter and Mr. Michelsen quietly founded a start-up, the Backplane, with a team of seven. The company, which has not yet been unveiled, is a platform meant to power online communities around specific interests, like musicians and sports teams, and to integrate feeds from Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

“Backplane will provide a platform and tools for communities to socialize and communicate on a more focused level,” Mr. Carter said, sounding less like a pop star’s manager and more like an entrepreneur delivering the typical elevator pitch. “We needed a more concentrated base.”

Sadly, it sounds as though Backplane will not be available for us non-famous peasants to use, leaving us all, as Anthony Derosa points out, standing outside the velvet rope asking, “Screech is on the list?”

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