Tennessee Forgets First Amendment, Bans ‘Offensive Images’

Senior Contributor

We’ve already reported on just how out of touch the Tennessee legislature is with reality, namely by making sharing your Netflix password a crime. Considering this is a state that made it a crime to see an R-rated movie before you were 18, that’s not a surprise. What is a surprise is that they just passed what might be the single wussiest law ever to exist:

A law that tries to make it criminal to post “offensive images.” Oh, it gets better. Basically, if anybody finds any image you post offensive in any way, you can get up to a year in jail or $2500 in fines, because somebody had their pwecious feewings hurt. You don’t even need to direct it at them, just post it on a website.

We can’t wait for them to discover that, yes, people they don’t like are protected by the Constitution too!

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