The Biggest Firearms Bust In NYC History Happened Thanks To An Aspiring Rapper’s Instagram Posts

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08.22.13 3 Comments
He has yet to be charged with crimes against Photoshop.

He has yet to be charged with crimes against Photoshop.

Is that what they still call it? I’m whiter than a Wonderbread factory when it comes to this stuff. Anyway, aspiring rapper Matthew “Neno” Best has managed to earn himself some street cred/jail time by about the dumbest way possible: Revealing he’s a gun runner on Instagram and triggering the biggest firearms bust in the history of New York City.

Neno (short for “Needs No Introduction”) brought down his own gun ring by demonstrating that, unlike some rappers who greatly exaggerate their criminal history, he actually was making money as a criminal. By posting photos of cash and guns to Instagram.

Most of the posts have since been removed, but not before being spotted by New York Police Department narcotics investigators who then passed the info along to undercover officers. Shortly thereafter, an NYPD investigator found a multi-state gun trafficking ring, officials say.

The ultimate haul? 243 handguns, nine rifles, two shotguns, two men from South Carolina providing the weapons, and one presumably rather sheepish rapper. Oh, and thirty-six of those guns had been reported as stolen, so there might be more charges ladled on top of the nineteen indictments handed down already.

Probably the saddest thing about all this? Neno’s not going to get much play thanks to this bust. His mixtapes are OK, I guess, but aside from being obsessed with tattoos they don’t really seem to have much that makes them stand out in terms of production or lyrics. Hey, at least his stuff is still better than Tan Mom.

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