The Center For Copyright Information Gets Its Status Revoked

Remember the Center for Copyright Information? If not, they’re the guys running the “six strikes” plan to prevent pirates from stealing content on the Internet. Well, that’s the idea, at any rate, the reality is apparently much different. But they’ve currently got a bigger problem than teenagers stealing Iron Man 3; the government just straight up revoked their status as a company.

You might wonder if this is a symbolic gesture by the Obama administration, but actually, it’s because whoever’s running this show didn’t fill out a form properly or pay their fees on time:

According to the Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), the company leading the six-strikes program has had its status revoked. This pretty much means that the company is unable to conduct any official business anywhere in the United States. The revocation means that CCI’s articles of organization are void, most likely because the company forgot to file the proper paperwork or pay its fees.

How can it get worse? Apparently the CCI’s status was revoked last year, and you can only hang onto the name of your company until the end of the calendar year it got revoked. So if you want to call your strip club the Center for Copyright Information, there’s not actually any sort of roadblock right now.

The CCI has filed the proper paperwork and presumably will be back being a big-boy corporation any day now. On the other hand, it does raise the question of who, precisely, is running this show and why they’d make such an egregious error with something taken so seriously. But we’re sure that this won’t end with the CCI shutting down the Internet of some grandmother and going down in flames due to the bad publicity. This will not happen. Surely not.