The iPad Mini Is Apparently Crushing the iPad Itself

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05.01.13 11 Comments

The iPad Mini is incredibly popular right now. So popular, in fact, that it’s turning the iPad into something of an endangered species.

How badly is the iPad getting its shapely aluminum butt kicked? It’s being outsold nearly two to one:

Of the 19.5 million iPads sold in Apple’s second quarter (January to March), 12.5 million were iPad Minis, according to an estimate from Taipei-based Digitimes that cited sources. The publication defines the number as “shipments.”

Of course, only Apple (which does not break down iPad and iPad Mini sales) knows the real number, but this jibes with shipment trends that DisplaySearch was seeing in December.

Apparently the iPad Mini, despite being nothing more than a cut down iPad 2, is beloved for its relatively cheap price, starting at $330, and its small size.

It’s really less than surprising once you consider the market. The iPad 2 is relatively underpowered compared to other tablets of a similar size on the market, but for playing simple games, checking email and watching Netflix, it’s got plenty of horsepower. It’s also lighter and easier to tuck into a bag or briefcase, making it pretty popular with people who want it for casual use or as a status symbol.

It’s especially interesting because the iPad Mini was just supposed to be a stopgap until Apple could roll out a better tablet, rumored to be coming in the fall. Now the “real” iPad Mini is essentially going to be the flagship product of the entire line. Hey, as long as it keeps selling: It’s not like Apple’s stock price is grounded in reality anyway.

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