The iPhone Goes Prepaid, Twitter Users Stay Classy About It

06.01.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Of course, the above tweet was just an isolated incident. As we all know, Twitter is a bottomless repository of class and taste, and to Twitter, the iPhone is just another consumer product. Twitter users would never, ever, fill said web site with lots of tasteless jokes about the poor and whining about how the poors being able to get an iPhone via prepaid cellular carrier Cricket no longer makes them special snowflakes. They would never do that.

OK, we lied. Just like when Instagram went to Android and iPhone users cried about how unfair it was that non-special people get to use their special crappy photo generating program, Twitter couldn’t resist weighing in over Apple letting somebody who doesn’t want a contract buying an iPhone. Although unlike this incredibly whiny CNet editorial, at least these are short. A few of the classier responses…

Stay classy, Twits.

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