The New ‘Budget’ iPhone Is Already Subject To Knock-Offs

07.08.13 6 years ago

How’s this for tech bravado: A company called Techdy has posted a video claiming that they’ve seen and handled the rumored “budget” iPhone that’s supposedly hitting the market in September. And they love it so much, they’ve decided to copy it.

Techdy is mostly known for making iPhone accessories, but apparently the company has grander ambitions. It’s posted a video  that supposedly shows off the “budget” iPhone in all its plastic-shelled, frustrating-proprietary-connector glory…

In addition to a video that sounds like it’s scored to the Lawnmower Man soundtrack, they also have extensive photos of the display assembly. And, of course, they have an equally “budget” knock-off, that they’re calling the Basic Bear, that they’d like you to buy.

A skeptical person would think “Hmmmmm, this ‘budget iPhone’ and this cheap Android handset look suspiciously similar.” Similarly, a skeptical person would look at the fact that the Basic Bear has a quad-core Snapdragon processor, but apparently no 4G radio, and ask themselves why, precisely, such a lovely deal is being offered for “just $199.” Then again, a quick browse of the store reveals that Apple isn’t the only company Techdy is “paying tribute” to.

In the end, whether Techdy is telling the truth or is completely full of iCrap, we’ve kind of got to give them credit for sheer testicular fortitude, either way. Either they really did get a look at an Apple product and rushed a knock-off to market while posting a gloating video about it, or they came up with a cheap handset and decided to slap an Apple logo on the back and brazenly claim their product is totally the next iPhone, you guys. We’re sure this will cost Techdy dearly: Apple has death squads of lawyers, after all. But until then, we’re highly, highly entertained.

image courtesy Techdy.

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