The PS3 Will Edit Video Because…?

01.09.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

You know, of all the functionalities that could be added to a game console, we’re pretty sure the ability to edit video is the last one that anybody was clamoring for. Well, maybe the whole “kick to the crotch” function that they tried back in the ’90s, but this is probably a close second.

Nonetheless, apparently the PS3 is getting video editing capabilities.

Here’s our question: Why? Was there really that much demand to edit your home movies on your video game console? Did gamers rise as one and roar to Sony “I want to use my PS3 to upload videos of my friends smacking their testes into a pole, not just my cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop!”

We guess there were. Either that or this is a leftover from 2006, when Sony thought they could get $600 for it and wanted to show off.

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