The Tim Cook/Steve Jobs Comparisons Rage On

If you’re on the internet today, and it’s obvious that you are, there’s a good chance you’ve caught wind of the fact that just about everyone with an iPhone or an iPad who’s downloaded iOS 6 hates it, especially Apple’s new mapping abortion. This has of course prompted some to remark, “Steve Jobs would have never let this happen.”

So, with that said, let’s cut to current Apple CEO Tim Cook’s office today…

(One of Cook’s many assistants, Todd, enters.)

Cook: So what are they saying about me out there, Todd?

Todd: They’re saying some mean things, sir.

Cook: Really? Like what?

Todd: Like, they’re saying that Steve Jobs would’ve never released iOS 6, that he’d never let something so terrible go out under his watch.

Cook: Hmmm, you don’t say? Interesting.

Todd: I’m sorry, sir.

Cook: It’s okay, Todd. They want to clamor for that prick Jobs, let’s remind them of how much of an a-hole he was and how different I am from him.

And so it was that Apple gave away $100 million to charity? And more complaints about Apple Maps?